This activity will test you as a responsible scientist and how will you react towards different situations. If you agree on a given measure, write APPROVED. If not, write your recommendation.

1.       When chemicals get into the eyes of a student, wipe it with clean cloth and send him/her to the nearest hospital.


2.       Allow student to drink inside the laboratory since it is bottled and sealed.



3.       If glassware is broken, ask the students to go outside the laboratory IMMEDIATELY.


4.       After the experiment, let the student wash the glassware in the sink and pour the chemicals down the drain just wash the sink with soap.


5.       Unused chemicals should be returned into the container to save it.


6.       Fire extinguisher should be located outside the laboratory so that it can be used by other rooms.


7.       If you need to identify the smell of a new chemical mixture, point the rim of the glassware in front of your nose and inhale the gas.


8. Always use a fume hood when working with toxic substances. Never inhale fumes directly.


9.        You don’t know the harmful effect of chemical x, therefore you don’t know how will you handle it. Aside from it, the in-charge don’t know it also. However, you need to continue the experiment to meet the deadline. Even though you have a doubt, you still pursue it.


10.   In meeting the deadline, you need to conduct your study on weekend. However, your research teacher will not be available. Worrying that there is no other time, you conducted the study without the teacher.